We are also present after the purchase of your bicycle!
For us, after-sales is just as important as sales,


    NIEF electric bicycles offers a 3-year warranty, so 1 year more than the regular manufacturer's warranty.

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    Nief offers the opportunity to get 3 free check-ups: 1 per year!
    Before the service, the status of your NIEF ebike is checked, brakes, gears and tires are adjusted.

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    The physical device, depending on the installed modules, tells the history of the ebike from pre-production to after-sales. The NIEF.APP shows all maintenance and repairs performed on the ebike.

  • In our workshop

    An electric bicycle generally requires more maintenance than a bicycle without electric assistance. Fortunately, Nief is also available to provide the requested service that your e-bike needs after purchasing the e-bike. This is possible at our workshop in Maarssen.

  • At your home

    Do you live far away from Utrecht or is it not possible to bring the bicycle to our workshop?
    No problem, we can make an appointment for a repair at your home!
    The service is available nationwide (call-out fees are not included).

  • Do it yourself

    You can also easily carry out some minor repairs yourself!
    We always recommend contacting us before starting a repair.


  • Tire pressure

    All information about the correct tire pressure on your bicycle!

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  • Fat tires: Pros and cons

    All information about the positive and negative characteristics of fat tires

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  • Replace tires: When?

    All information about the right time to replace your ebike tires

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  • Tutorial: replacing fat tires

    Step-by-step guide to correctly replacing the inner tube of your NIEF electric FAT bike.

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  • Mechanical Disc Brakes

    All information about the mechanical braking system. Information and news about brake lever, brake pads and brake cable.

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  • Lubricating E-bike chain

    Step-by-step guide to properly cleaning and lubricating an electric bicycle chain.

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