About us

NIEF is a young Dutch-Italian start-up that thinks of e-bikes as the future in terms of urban mobility.

NIEF was founded in 2020 by a Dutch-educated entrepreneurial bicycle technician of Italian nationality, with the support of an experienced entrepreneur.

We are a growing team with a lot of passion for electric vehicles, with offices in Italy (Rome) and the Netherlands (Maarssen).


Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity, at a reasonable price, to purchase a sustainable means of transportation in order to protect and preserve our environment.



Our method differs from our competitors. We do not sell bikes in a box, and like any other vehicle, our bikes need an additional safety check before they hit the road
Our mechanics deliver only 100% assembled and tested bikes to our customers.

D2C - Direct to Consumer

NIEF bikes are sold exclusively by us, which allows us to keep the price about 30% lower than our competitors.


This year, Nief had the opportunity to participate and present pedal-assisted electric bike models for the first time at Europe's largest E-bike fair.

  • Co-Founder

    Simone, Co-Founder of NIEF SRL and NIEF E-bikes BV .

  • Co-Founder

    Gianni, Co-Founder of NIEF SRL and NIEF E-bikes BV.

  • Head Mechanic

    Giò, expert mechanic, takes care of the technical support in Italy.

  • Sales

    Marius,takes care of the italian customer service.

  • NIEF E-bikes BV

    Handelsweg 4G , 3606AB
    Maarssen (Utrecht)
    Tel: 0619506283
    Mail: info@niefactory.nl
    (Only on appointment)

    Google Maps 

    Via Palombarese 784, 00013
    Rome (Italie)
    Tel: 0686726376
    Mail: info@niefactory.com
    Ma t/m Za 09:00 - 19:00

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