Here you will find the most frequently asked questions.
Here you will find all information about the delivery time of your bicycle, service and return conditions. Is your question not below? Then you can always email info@niefactory.nl

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What is the warranty period for NIEF and what does it cover?

NIEF electric bikes offers 3 years warranty, so 1 year more than the regular factory warranty. This warranty covers electronic parts, such as display, battery,motor, control unit and mechanical parts with production/manufacturing defects.
Components subject to normal wear and tear, such as tires, chain and brakes, are not covered under this warranty.

Welke NIEF fiets past het beste bij mij?

APRUM voor fietsers van 155 tot 190 cm
De Aprum is een opvouwbare elektrische FAT fiets, geschikt voor elk soort terrein. Comfortabel voor zowel stads- als off-road gebruik. Door de mogelijkheid om het frame in te klappen kan de Aprum in de kofferbak van uw auto meegenomen worden.

voor fietsers van 165-200 cm
The Colosseo is an electric FAT bicycle, suitable for every type
terrain. Comfortable for both city and off-road use.
Thanks to the geometry of the frame, it is as sporty as a mountain bike and yet as comfortable as a city bike.

The Sibilla
Please contact us for more information regarding our models
with our customer service.

Is it possible to try out electric bicycles from NIEF?

NIEF offers free test drives on all our available models.
Test drives take place at our warehouse at Handelsweg 4G, 3606 AB Maarssen.
You can schedule an appointment via the following link: BOOK A TEST RIDE

Why choose NIEF?

Service and warranty are our main priorities. We sell only our own products and perform maintenance exclusively on them. In our workshop, technical specialists are always ready to give you advice or carry out repairs/maintenance on your e-bike.We do not use mailsoftware, which sometimes requires days or weeks of waiting time, but are the only one in the e-bike industry, which offers live assistance by using video calls with the customer in order to solve any problems on your e-bike.

What is the delivery time?

After an online purchase through our e-commerce, the delivery time is 48-72 hours. Delivery (Monday to Saturday) is arranged directly with the customer. The bike will be delivered fully assembled after being inspected and tested by our mechanics.


What is the lifespan of a battery?

A battery has a lifespan of 800-1000 charging cycles. A battery in good condition can last more than 3 years.

What is the maximum speed of NIEF e-bikes?

The maximum speed of our e-bikes is set at 25 km/h.
They are produced according to the EPAC EN 15194 standard and are
with that 100% legal.

Driving license or helmet required?

You do not need a driver's license, license plate or helmet to ride one of our bicycles. For your own safety, wearing a helmet is strongly recommended.

Can I return a NIEF bicycle?

Yes, this is possible. You must submit a request for this by telephone or via info@niefactory.nl, after which our service department will contact you to indicate how you can return the bicycle.
Please note: you are responsible for the return costs and returns must be made within 14 days. Furthermore, it is not possible to return the bicycle if it is damaged and/or if the display shows more than 5 kilometers.
Any refund will be made within 14-28 business days.

Do you also offer repair and maintenance of your bicycles?

Of course, NIEF also takes care of your e-bike after purchase. Maintenance is possible in our workshop or at your home (only in the province of Utrecht). Our technicians are available from Monday to Saturday. Call-out costs will be charged for home service.