When should you replace a bicycle tire?

The tire of the electric bicycle must be replaced when the anti-puncture layer (Kevlar, very thick and green/blue in color) or the carcass threads on the profile start to become visible. It is always recommended to replace the tire before it wears excessively to ensure its resistance to punctures.
A tire protected against constant shocks and vibrations, properly inflated and used on terrain in good condition (asphalt or cycle path), with a non-aggressive driving style (steering and light braking) can last 3000 to 5000 km .
We recommend checking the pressure at least once a month using a compressor or a pump with an analogue or digital pressure gauge.

An example of our Kenda tires with K-Shield protection:

A light and flexible rubber layer with aramid and ceramic particles in the tire under the profile. Designed to prevent punctures and extend tire life.

The tire tread can sometimes wear out quickly, here is a list of the main reasons:
  1. Incorrect pressure (flat tire)
  2. Heavy weight on the front or rear luggage rack
  3. The terrain (damaged asphalt, off-road)
  4. Continue aggressive braking
  5. Tires that have been stored in a place that is too warm for a long time