How to lubricate an e-bike chain

Step-by-step guide to properly cleaning and lubricating an electric bicycle chain.

In this chapter we explain how to clean and lubricate the bicycle chain.
We recommend that all maintenance be carried out by specialized technicians.

Ebike chain: how is it made?

The chain consists of paired links attached with pins.

As you pedal, you apply a force that can cause the chain to slide over the teeth of the chainring and sprockets, creating friction that over time (and miles) weakens/wears out the condition of the chain.
With good and regular lubrication you can reduce friction and achieve a longer service life.
Chains from the most popular brands, if regularly cleaned and lubricated, can have a lifespan of 1500 to 5000 km.

Step 1: Cleaning

NieF recommends using quality products to clean the chain of an electric bicycle. Buy it from a bike shop with qualified staff, where the mechanic can recommend the right cleaning agent for your chain.
In this manual we want to show one of the many ways of cleaning and lubricating.
Requires use of:

  1. Gloves
  2. Cloth or paper roll
  3. Chain cleaning spray/liquid (do not use liquids that are unsuitable for chain cleaning, as they may attack or damage the chain links).

Apply the cleaning agent

Apply chain cleaner to a cloth or paper roll.
We chose to use the white paper roll to show you how much dust is on a chain that has only been used for 15 km.
If your chain is very dirty and has dried grease residues, you can apply the cleaner directly to the chain, protecting the bicycle frame and the various mechanical and electronic parts as much as possible.

Chain cleaning pt.1

Apply the paper or cloth to the bicycle chain so that the cleaner comes into contact with the inner part of the chain (the so-called rollers).

Chain cleaning pt.2

It is possible to "pedal backwards" by sliding the chain into the cloth.
For a complete cleaning, it is recommended to use a brush on the derailleur pulleys, chainring and sprocket pack.

Step 2: apply/spread

After cleaning and drying the chain, we can proceed to lubricating it.
We recommend using quality lubricants sold by bicycle shops with qualified personnel.
Apply the lubricant to the inside of the links as shown in the photo (apply the oil to all links).

Lubricate chain

It is recommended that the derailleur discs and sprocket pack are well lubricated to protect against dirt, dust and water.

Carrying out good and regular bicycle maintenance ensures better operation, performance and durability.
In particular, we recommend cleaning and lubricating the chain of your ebike every 500 km, or, after use on off-road trails with rain, mud, sand or snow, at the end of each ride.
We reiterate the importance of using protective gloves and quality products.
Always rely on specialized bicycle shops with qualified technicians, they will advise you on the right product.