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NEW APRUM MAGIS PLUS FAT FOLDING BIKE 20x4" 250W 48V 20A 960Wh - EPAC EN15194 250W 25Km/h

NEW APRUM MAGIS PLUS FAT FOLDING BIKE 20x4" 250W 48V 20A 960Wh - EPAC EN15194 250W 25Km/h

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We give a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on NIEF bicycles , of which a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. The warranty covers the following parts: display, battery, control unit, motor, brake levers, headlight, taillight, battery holder.
Wear and tear as a result of normal daily use and damage caused by careless handling (e.g. dropping the battery) are not covered by the warranty.


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  • The bike is completely assembled and delivered to your home ready to ride
  • Delivery time 5-7 working days


frame Aluminum 6061
Battery LG 48V 20A (960Wh)
Range 90-120 Km
Engine Bafang 8Fun 48V 250W 80Nm
Display LCD
Ties Fat Kenda Krusade 20x4.00
Brakes Disc brakes Tektro Aries Mechanical
Suspension fork RST
Sizes 176x119x62 (LxHxD)
Sizes folded 96x72x62
Weight 30 kg
Code EAN
Guarantee 3 years
Category EPAC UNI EN15194

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    • Frame
      Aluminium 6061
      Unisex frame design
      Weight: 32Kg
    • Sizes
      176x119x62 cm
    • Size folded
      96x72x62 cm

    Suitable for people with a length of 160 to 190 cm

    Electronic components

    • Battery
      LG - 48V 20A (960Wh)
      Range: 90-120 Km
    • Motor
      Bafang 48V 250W
      Torque: 80 Nm
      Max Speed: 25 Km/h
      Soft-start; 6 km/h
      Key-Disp KD986 display shows speed, battery level, range and motor support

    Mechanical Parts

    • Wheels
      Rim: 20inch
      Tires: Kenda Krusade 20x4.00
    • Brakes
      Disc Brakes Tektro E350 Hydraulic
    • Suspension fork
    • Gears
      Shimano Derailleur 7 speed

    Category EPAC

    Certified according to the European standard EPAC EN15194 (250W - 25 km/h).

    Video - Aprum Magis +

    Aprum Magis+ Vouwfiets

    Thanks to its small size of 96x72x62 cm, the Aprum can be quickly folded, making it easy to carry in the car, train or metro.

    Battery LG 48V 20A 960Wh

    The Aprum Magis+ is equipped with a powerful 960Wh battery. The Aprum Magis+ has a range of 90 to 120 km.

    Motor Bafang 48V 250W

    The 250W Bafang 8Fun motor provides good rideability thanks to 80Nm of torque, which allows even 10-15% hills to be taken.

    Tektro Hydraulische Remmen

    The Aprum Magis+ has hydraulic Tektro disc brakes, which provide more control.


    Kenda Krusade 20x4

    The Aprum 14 Fat wheels 20x4" give more comfort and are suitable for all types of terrain.


    Display Key-Disp KD986

    Key-Disp KD986 display shows speed, battery level, range and motor support.

    Verende voorvork

    The RST suspension fork provides excellent comfort and safety on all types of terrain.


    Front Lamp Axendo

    The Axendo Spanninga headlight provides more brightness.It activates automatically in the dark.

    Brake Lights

    When braking, the brake light turns on. The brake light is also visible during the day.


      Op NIEF fietsen geven wij 3 JAAR GARANTIE , waarvan 2 jaar fabrieksgarantie.


      De fiets wordt compleet afgemonteerd en rijklaar bij u thuis afgeleverd.
      Bezorgtijd: uiterlijk binnen 5 werkdagen


      Betaling is mogelijk via IDeal, Credit Card, Google Pay en Shop Pay.


    In Maarssen (Utrecht) hebben wij een testfaciliteit, waar u, na met Simone een afspraak te hebben gemaakt, de (nieuwste) modellen kunt bekijken en uitproberen.

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