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The models from the Aprum series are equipped with a powerful 48V battery with a range of 50 to 120 km. The 250W motor offers good driving characteristics thanks to a motor torque of 80Nm, which even slopes of 10-15% can be taken.

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  • Battery LG 48V

    The Aprum series is equipped with a powerful 48V battery. Thanks to a 20A - 960 Wh battery, the Aprum Magis has a range of 90 to 120 km.

  • Motor Bafang 48V 250W

    The 250W Bafang 8Fun motor provides good rideability thanks to 80Nm of torque, which allows even 10-15% hills to be taken.

  • Aprum Vouwfiets

    Thanks to its small size of 96x72x62 cm, the Aprum can be quickly folded, making it easy to carry in the car, train or metro.

  • Kenda Krusade 20x4

    The Aprum series 20x4 wheels provide more comfort and are suitable for all types of terrain.

  • Tektro Aries

    The Aprum has mechanical Tektro disc brakes, which provide more control.

  • Soft-Start tot 6 km/h

    After stopping, it is easy to drive away again without shifting gears.

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In Maarssen (Utrecht) hebben wij een testfaciliteit, waar u, na met Simone een afspraak te hebben gemaakt, de (nieuwste) modellen kunt bekijken en uitproberen.