Super Test met de NieF Colosseo

Great Test on the NieF Colosseo

On Sunday 11 June 2023, we tested the Colosseo in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park.
The Colosseo is a fatbike designed for all types of terrain. We cycled a total of 70.5 kilometres from our test location in Maarssen to the monument "the Pyramid of Austerlitz" and recreational area Henschotermeer.

Colosseo NIEF National Park

We tested the Colosseo on off-road and bike trails. Thanks to the fat tyres, it was possible to cycle on gravel, specially intended for mountain bikes, without any problems and it was totally fun!

NIEF National Park

We also got positive feedback from the suspension fork. For more grip, we set the front wheel tyre pressure at 1 Bar and the rear wheel at 1.2 Bar. This also provides more comfort when riding on trails mentioned earlier.

NIEF Display Colosseo

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