NieF Colosseo in de bergen

NieF Colosseo in the mountains

Using the Nief Colosseo in the mountains can be an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts. Our e-bikes offer pedal assistance, making it easier to conquer steep slopes and difficult terrain with less physical effort. We tested the Colosseo on routes with inclines of 13% and using assistance levels 4 and 5 we tackled this challenge without much difficulty. Of course, we also recommend using the 7 gears controlled by the rear derailleur when climbing. In addition, our e-bikes allow us to cover greater distances and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding nature. However, it is important to respect local rules and safety regulations in the mountains, such as adjusting speed to terrain conditions and wearing a protective bicycle helmet. With the Colosseo Magis model and a 1008Wh battery we were able to cover 78 km with minimal effort.
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