iDEAL in3 - Spreid je betaling in 3 keer zonder rente

iDEAL in3 - Spread your payment in 3 times without interest

iDEAL in3 - Spread your payment in 3 times without interest 
Don't want to pay for your purchase in one time?
With iDEAL in3 you can pay for your purchase spread over 3 installments within 60 days, without any additional costs. This applies to purchases from €50 up to a maximum of €5,000. 
Before your payment is processed, we will perform a quick check of your details. If your payment request is not approved for any reason, please feel free to contact us or choose another payment method. For more details about iDEAL in3, visit our website. 
How it works
Choose iDEAL in3 at checkout: 
Select iDEAL in3 as payment method, after which a quick check of your details will take place. 

First payment & shipping
Make the first payment, one third of the total amount, via iDEAL and your order will be shipped immediately. 

Follow-up deadlines
You pay the second installment within 30 days, and the third installment within 60 days. We will send you timely reminders so that you do not miss a payment.
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