Fietsen in het winter

Cycling in the winter

Using an electric bicycle during winter can be more challenging due to harsh weather conditions such as snow, sleet, rain and extreme cold. However, it is possible to continue using the bicycle during the colder months with the right precautions, such as wearing appropriate clothing, fitting tires with good grip and paying attention to visibility. It is also always advisable to check the roads for safety and to clear snow and ice before you set off. NIEF also advises to always check the battery status: during winter it is important to store the battery in a dry environment with a temperature above 10 degrees. If the battery is used at temperatures below 5 degrees, it will naturally lose voltage, which affects the range by 15-20%. The use of a helmet is especially recommended when the road surface is slippery. Provide warm clothing such as gloves, a hat and leg warmers if necessary. Always dry the display, display and battery after each ride (this prevents condensation in the electrical components).

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