E-Bike Experience 2023 - Bright.nl

E-Bike Experience 2023 - Bright.nl

This year, Nief had the opportunity to participate and present pedal-assisted electric bike models for the first time at Europe's biggest E-bike fair.

The E-bike Experience fair in Utrecht took place from 24-26 February. Well-known brands, such as Specialized, Trek, Gazelle, Flyer,Gyant and Cube, as well as new e-bike brands, such as Nief, exhibited here and offered free test rides.
For us, being alongside these giants of the cycling industry was a very important experience that will help us grow and improve our products.

We had the opportunity to show all interested visitors our Aprum, Sibilla X and Colosseo products through test runs on an indoor course about 1.5 km long.

We are extremely happy, to have participated in this E-bike Experience, especially considering all the feedback we received there.
We therefore strive to , continuously improve our products to meet the needs of our customers.

Here is a Youtube video clip of the event produced by Bright.nl :


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